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Our submission system is a fancy name for a spreadsheet and HTML pages that allow you to visit search engines and directories, submit your site, and record the submission or registration. You should be able to submit to at least 200 search engines and directory and it will take you hours and hours. While many of the sites will bring you little traffic, that may change in the future as they get more popular. And remember links at most search engines and directories are one-way links!

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If people don’t submit
, the search engines aren’t going to get bigger, are they? Remember that each listing you get is a link back to your site, and that helps your site. Many of the systems on this list do NOT require a return link, so you can build your link popularity much easier.

The other use for this search engine list is to add content to your site, or import into any application you want. Add part or all of the list to your site and let people submit their site from your site. Yes, it may help for search engines to see they are getting traffic directly from your site, and it helps your visitors to promote their site.

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has over 4,100 links to search engines, directories, PPC search engines, meta search engines, special vertical systems, niche directories, classified ad sites, blog search engines, link building resources, press release sites, free classifieds sites, and a number of foreign systems.

The list is available in five six seven formats including HTML include file, Excel, HTML, ASCII, dBASE, Word, and PDF. This list can be used to hand submit your site URL to search engines after you have done SEO or search engine optimization; add a submission list to your web site to increase traffic; import the data to your own submission program or URL submission script; track what, when, and where you have submitted your site; and track site submissions for your client’s web sites.

We make all our videos using from MWV

You can use the list to build your own directory or search engine of search engines and directories. There is no limit to what you can do with this extensive list of places to submit your site and video and other Internet resources like service restoration companies are doing lately.


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Help Us

You can help make our list even better by making suggestions and not getting upset if we ignore them, and sending us updates if you find bad links or search engines we have not found yet.

To keep search free, please support as many of the free search engines and directories as you can. More and more we see a trend toward systems charging for inclusion, pay-per-click, reciprocal links, and paid listings. While we all need to make some money, many of the larger search engines and directories seem to care less and less about the small business site owner who has little money to spend and may not know what are the best ways to promote and market their site.



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Our Free Search Engine List Competitors

“If you are scared of your competitors, then they have already beaten you…!”.
Over 600 search engines and directories list to submit your web site for free, with reviews and evaluates url submissions. Contains specialty search engines, meta search, global search engines and directories, United States regional and state official web pages, US state and Federal government web sites, and internet portals.



We call this a “system” but it’s really pretty simple. It consists of an Excel spreadsheet that has the current list loaded in it. You can use the spreadsheet to record when and where you submit your site to. If you are a professional SEO you can make a copy of this spreadsheet and used it to record the all of the client sites you submit and send them a copy.

While you could use the URLs in the spreadsheet, we are not able to import them so they are “live” and clickable. We use the HTML search engine list page to do the actual submissions, and then copy one of the three color markers into the submission column.

Search Engine Rankings

Web site page rankings and positioning is the practice of going to a search engine, entering in a keyword or search phrase, and seeing where your site comes up in the search engine results pages, or SERPS.

Page ranking has been the industry’s standard method of determining if a SEO project is a success or not. There are two basic problems with this old method. The first is that not everyone can be on top, or even high up for things that are very competitive. Those that do so accomplish it with years of experience, much hard work, luck, or some well-placed bribes.

About us

About Best Free Search Engine List

The Best Free Search Engine List started out as a quest to do the best job in submitting our client’s site to search engines and directories. We figured out that hand submission was best, but what was the best way to do that?

We started by collecting some links in an Excel spreadsheet. That way the links could be made active and we could record the submissions next to each listing. The list grew as we collected new ones from different sites, but it was a lot of work, so we decided to ask some of the larger sites with lots of links to search engines and web directories if we could get a copy of their list. I mean, they publish the list on their site for all to use, so why not? Well, no one was willing to share their list.

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So, we kept working on our search engine list. Fine. See if we share our list with them! Well, once we hit about 800 links we said, “heck, this list has real value!”. But unlike the other sites, and in the spirit of the Internet we then said, “This has taken hours and hours to build and takes several hours every month…. so let’s just give it away!”. And so we are.

But more than just publishing an HTML page visitors can use to submit their site, we also provide an HTML include file that you can use to add a submission list to your site. We update the list every month, and you can just download and update your site with the new include file.

Then we decided to offer the files in ASCII-delimited, dBASE, PDF, and our proprietary search engine hand submission tool, the Excel spreadsheet. But that was not enough for us, so we also offer to REFORMAT the include file and offer other formats if you need something special (some limitations apply).