SEO Audit Performance

Web Site Performance Audit

Is Your Web Site Fit for Business?

Does your web site deliver the volume of traffic you had expected? And is it producing profitable business?

Many small and medium sized businesses are very disappointed with their web site performance – often because of some fundamental problem with the design or functionality of the site itself. Or because it is lost in cyberspace, and no one knows it’s there.

On both counts Search Engine Booster can help. Firstly, we can analyse the web site and give you an independent assessment. Secondly, we can advise on the best way to publicist the site and drive traffic to it.

If you have any doubts about your web site, get a health check now. This small investment might uncover a simple problem which once corrected allows your site to really take off – or we might prescribe a more rigorous course of action. Either way, you must have a clear definition of the problems before you can start looking round for remedies.

The Full Web Site Audit Report includes recommendations for improvement. The Brief Audit Report is more of a preliminary survey to identify any major issues.

Our reports are concise and practical – they are written to give you the information you need as directly as possible. And we are always available for further discussion on the phone, or in person, if you need more detail or explanation.

Web Site Audit Reports

There are two standard levels of report available:
Full Web Site Audit Report
Brief Web Site Audit Report

The Full Web Site Audit Report is a comprehensive analysis and assessment of a web site and covers such aspects as:

Site design
Content presentation
Download time
Search engine compatibility – use of meta tabs, keyword placement etc.

In addition a full Search Engine Report is provided showing how a site is ranked by the top dozen or so search engines.

The Brief Audit Report covers similar ground but in less depth. It is intended for use as a preliminary survey to identify any problem areas which may then be examined in greater depth later on.