Consultancy Services

Search Engine Positioning and Consultancy Services

We believe that to be successful, businesses today must embrace the core management disciplines of traditional business and marry these with the appropriate technology of the WWW.

Success is obviously not about having a good web site (though these are still a rarity), but having an integrated business plan – that makes sense to you and your customers.

We have a unique blend of business acumen and e-commerce skills – available to help you make your decisions. We can advise, and we can implement action plans, but ultimately we see it as a partnership where the business management team takes control of their own destiny. We give you the knowledge and the tools – you run your business.

The environment of the new economy is an exciting and sometimes frightening place. Traditionally, company size has been a key success factor – the bigger you were the safer you were. But today it is speed – the faster you can make (the right) decisions, and implement changes, the more successful you are likely to be.

Don’t wait! Act now!

The core skills that we can bring to bear on your business – and really make it grow – are:

Search engine positioning and site optimisation
Search engine monitoring and reporting
Site promotion
Site navigation
Site usability
Web site health check
Web site security
Copy writing
Design and production
Training in use of Internet as a business resource
Training in the maintenance of web sites
Marketing audits
Business audits
Business strategy